Sunday, October 16, 2011

KCWC Day 6

Okay, Okay, Okay.

I didn't make the skirt today. I DID make some banana muffins

and I finished a Keroppi for my neighbor who is due in November. Earlier this month, I finished the giraffe. Hey! It's for the KIDS.

I got
the [FREE] Keroppi pattern from here (Free is awesome, no?) . They don't know what they are having - so I had to keep it gender neutral. I also made the baby a giraffe. I think the giraffe is so cute. I bought the pattern here (not free - but the pattern is super clear and pretty easy - so I didn't mind paying the $5, too much).

Ummm, I PLAN to make a bib, also. But you can see that my 'plans' often do not play out in real life as they do in my head...

Stay tuned!


Libby said...

Everything came out super wonderful! If we were closer, I'd swap you a slice of cranberry orange bread for a muffin. :-)

Rochelle said...

Crochet envy!

Kimberly said...

Those muffins look fantastic! And you know, it has to end somewhere. I am crazy about making these days, but this afternoon, I deserve a break and so do you!

Ayana said...

Libby! Yes! I would love to live near your farmer neighbor - and get a slice of that bread you made ;).

lol. ;) Rochelle. You know I will teach you!

Kimberly, you are my inspiration! I love the stuff you made this week.

Rose's Daughter said...

I want the muffin!!!!!