Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to NOT make applesauce.

I was feeling adventurous and thought I should raise my homemaking skillz by making some fresh applesauce with some locally grown apples. I learned a few things during the process.

1.) If you want fresh, locally grown apples - Do NOT go to the Georgia State Farmer's market in Forrest Park, GA - thinking you are about to support some local farmers. Not only are there NO farmers there - all the food is imported!

2.) Do NOT buy a huge box of apples from there. Imported apples are not NEARLY as good as local ones.

3.) Do NOT try a new canning recipe 3 weeks after you have a baby. Your body is probably not ready - and neither is your baby.

4.) If you do decide to try a new canning recipe - do NOT try to make a huge batch.

5.) Please, please, please do NOT do all this hungry - you will only decide to fry some chicken and make some cornbread in the midst of your applesauce-making - and it will just compound your clean up time.

6.) And for God's sake DO NOT burn the apples! You will ruin a WHOLE lot of apples and feel really bad about yourself for wasting all of your time, money, and energy!


Rochelle said...

You have to understand that I'm not laughing AT you...but, this post is pretty funny. Don't worry...I shall not make ANY canned anything! I'll just buy it from you!

Kendra said...

Too funny! Frying chicken and making cornbread in the middle! Can't stop laughing!

Rose's Daughter said...

ROFL! how did you go from applesauce to chicken and cornbread????

Steph said...

How'd you burn the apples? Was it while you were frying the chicken and cornbread? You always inspire me to try homemade things like jelly and applesauce! Keep working at it! I'm sure your next batch will be perfect!

Ayana said...

@Stephanie: I burned them because I used the wrong pan. I didn't use my normal pan because I had so many apples. The pan I used was so big - I couldn't access the bottom - so I didn't know they were burnt until it was too late.