Sunday, September 25, 2011

He loves her.

The other day, I was bathing Anaya in the bathroom and Zekey wanted to "help". I pulled up a stool so that he could be eye level with her. He "helped" by directing her movements "Put your foot down.", "Stop moving your hands."

When I was done, I left him standing on the stool at the bathroom counter - near the tub of now dirty water. A fleeting thought crossed my mind: "That boy loves her so much, he would probably drink her bath water." Doing a quick check - there was no cup - nor anything that could act as a cup around - I just let the thought pass.

Well, as I was putting on Anaya's diaper and clothes, I hear Zekey in the bathroom laughing and playing. When she is all dressed, I go into the bathroom to see what is so funny and this boy is taking MY toothbrush, dipping it in her DIRTY WATER, and is brushing HIS teeth! And he thinks it is so funny he is cracking up laughing.



gwengoods said...

Very Cute

Libby said...

Just be thankful you caught him before you brushed your teeth. lol

Kendra said...

On a positive note, Zekey knows how to brush his teeth! So cute! I hope you remember this story to tell at his wedding ;)

jill said...

Thatta boy!!! I laughed out loud over this. What a loving brother!