Monday, September 05, 2011

Birth Story

I had my baby natural - as in NO meds. Not even an IV. It's nuts I know. And I was totally kicking myself by the time I got to 7 cm. But I am getting ahead of myself.

When I had Zekey, the doctor immediately put me on bedrest and I was induced with Pitocin. (She puts all of her patients on bedrest as soon as they get to the doctor. A little fact I did not know until it was too late. I totally found a new doctor for this pregnancy.) Having Pitocin means that your contractions are a lot harder and more frequent than "natural" contractions. My intention was to have him without an epidural. But by the time I got to 5 cm, I couldn't take it. So I asked for an epidural. I got one. But as soon as I got it, I (realized I) had to get a catheter. Which TOTALLY sucks. Especially when they do it wrong. Which they did. It had some kind of kink in it. So, I had this horrible feeling that I had to pee really, really, bad. Also when I got the epidural, Zekey's blood pressure went way down. For just a second - but it scared the nurses and the doctor.
So that is one reason I wanted to go natural.

Another reason is because I always think it is impressive when I hear of other women going natural or even having a homebirth! And I want to be able to say: "Yeah, I endured the pain of childbirth without meds." (I am known in my family as having a really low tolerance for pain and being a bit of an exaggerator).

So here is what happened:

Thursday AM: Went for my 40 week check up. Saw that I was dilated 1cm. THE SAME as from my 39 week check up!!

Friday AM: started having feeling stronger contractions pretty regularly - about one every 5-10 min. I talked to my mom about it - she was on the way to Atlanta from Cleveland and decided to wear all pink in case this is the day Anaya was to arrive.

Friday 6PM: Since contractions were getting steadily stronger and somewhat closer together, we sent Zekey over to his GG's (Great Grandmother's) house while E and I went to the hospital. My mom met us there when she got into town. Got checked by the nurse. STILL ONLY one centimeter!

Friday 11PM: E went to pick up Zekey from GG's house. We all went to bed. I woke up about once every hour to a particularly strong contraction.

Saturday AM: I sat around while my mom made my house spotless (Yay!) and took care of Zekey. Whenever I had a contraction, Zekey held my hand and said, "It's okay, mommy". E taught him that. It was so cute!

Saturday PM: E and I decided to watch the 7th Harry Potter. We had to pause it every 5 - 7 min because that is when I felt a contraction. And at this point they were too strong to watch a movie through. Also, E's brother J came over to spend the night with Zekey in case we had to leave in the middle of the night.

Saturday (late PM): E went to bed. My mom wanted to stay up with me because I was clearly not going to be able to sleep well. She watched a couple of episodes of Law and Order while I slept every 5 - 7 min and timed my contractions with an app on my phone.

Sunday AM (wee hours of the morning): We went upstairs. My mom finished up the last of my laundry. She kept urging me to go back into the hospital. She was afraid I would have to have the baby at home. But I was terrified that I would be only 1 cm dilated. It would totally piss me off to get sent home again. But I was contracting much harder and much more consistently. So, we decided that she should wash her pink outfit again and then wake up E.

Sunday 5AM: Mom's pink outfit was cleaned. We woke up E.

Sunday 5:30 AM: I come struggling into the hospital.

Sunday 6AM: The nurse checks me. I am 4 cm! Not the 7cm my mom and I were crossing our fingers for - but certainly not the 1cm I was terrified of! The nurse tries twice to give me an IV (which I REALLY don't want). I have an illogical fear of needles. Especially since my veins are pretty big - so they usually don't have a problem finding a vein. Unfortunately (or fortunately) this nurse cannot find a good vein. So, I get to go without the permanent needle in my hand. (Yay).

Sunday AM: Mom and I walk around the hospital to get my contractions going. We realize if I walk around, the contractions come a lot closer together. So we walk and walk.

Sunday noon: E leaves to take Zekey to his GG's house and my father comes. I am STARVING and I mention it to my midwife. Amazingly she tells me to go and get lunch - but not to overdo it.

Sunday 1pm: I eat with my mom and dad in the cafeteria. I am so happy to be eating. When I was having Zekey, they wouldn't even let me drink water. Only ice!

Sunday 2PM: Midwife checks me and I am only 5cm! We discuss breaking my water. The problem with breaking my water is when they do it - I only have 24 hours to have the baby. If labor doesn't progress, they will have to induce me. She breaks my water. It is not clear - which means the baby was in there too long and she may have swallowed meconium. We are glad she broke my water. My contractions get a LOT harder.

Sunday 2:30pm: E comes back from taking Zekey. Just in time. My contractions get EVEN harder. All I can remember about this part is that I am in constant debilitating pain. I am tugging on E, pushing him away, pulling him toward me. Telling him to give me water. My bones feel like they are being crushed. I think that this is the top of my pain. There is no way the pain can get worse. And it gets worse. There is literally no break between my contractions. I try to change positions - because at this point it *can't* get any worse. But it does. And it lasts, and lasts, and lasts.

Sunday 6:45pm: I have the WORST pain. Literally. I am finally at the top of my pain. And they tell me to push. I push about 3 times and they pull her out and place her on my belly - cord still attached.

Sunday 6:53: She is on top of me. Super bloody. I know at this moment I am supposed to be ooohing and ahhing over my brand new daughter. But I am not. Sad to say, I am actually a bit grossed out - and worried about her not crying. Don't babies come out crying? I hold her and the blood is all over my hands. E cuts the cord and they woosh her away, clean her up. Then the crying starts.

I am so relieved. I cannot believe the pain finally stopped.

And I have my little girl! 8lbs 10oz. 21.5" long.

And I am seriously having second thoughts about having 4 kids.


Libby said...

You'd make a great story teller. Seriously, my eyes were wide open as I read each word and thinking, "my mom sure didn't mention all of this!" lol I am so glad that you have delivered a healthy baby naturally (and you survived to tell us all about it). :-D


Tracy Savage said...

Congrats Ayana you are super mom. I took the meds I couldn't do it natural. Can't wait to see lil momma.And yes you are a GREAT story teller.

jill said...

Oh Ayana, you're amazing. I'm glad I know you and that you've become a good friend. I'm so proud of you and so impressed and inspired by your strength and determination. I can't wait to see you and meet her.

Holly C. said...

Contratulations on your beautiful baby girl! I loved reading the birth story.

Cara said...

you did so great :-) how much prep did you do for natural pain management? there is a lot you can do with positioning/breathing/relaxing that can make a huge difference if you prep ahead of time and practice, and have knowledgeable supporters during birth. Just in case you do decide to go for it again ;-) Congratulations on the birth, it's a wonderful story!

Beth said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful. I can't believe 1) you did it without drugs and 2) that you already got her birth story out there. I'm so behind. You're my hero!

Steph said...

Amazing story! I'm glad you're both doing well! She's absolutely beautiful!

Ayana said...

Awww! Thank you guys for the compliments!

@Cara: I heard of hypnobirthing about a week before I had her and I was mad that I hadn't heard of it earlier so I could actually use it!

@Beth: lol! I had to hurry up and write it before I forgot.

Aunt Cynthia said...

Ayana, I'm so proud of you. I laughed out loud about you reconsidering 4 kids, but I know you can do it. I totally agree with Cara about preparation for pain mgt. I also agree with Libby, your writing captivates my attention. Congrats,and I hope to see Anaya today!!

joya said...

Ayana, news of Anaya's birth made me squeal and wake up my roommates at the hotel on vacation. Thanks for the blow by blow and you're my hero!

Rochelle said...

I love the way you tell stories. It's just like you're speaking to a good friend. Listen, you a FREAKIN' super woman! You did that boo! :) I'm inspired.

Lara said...

That is awesome! I have 4 kids. The last 2 are twins!. your daughter is gorgeous! I went natural with my first with pitocin, my second, my water broke and they had to induce and get him out. My twins were sideways the whole pregnancy and I had a c-sectionw with them.