Monday, July 18, 2011

Pink Safari

So, I finally decided on the theme of Anaya's room.

Pink Safari!

Unfortunately, I haven't found many things in the baby stores that will fit into the theme. Well, they have some but, I just don't like them. For example, Target has pink giraffes - but I don't like the fat ones. I think I am gonna have to make most of her room accents myself or buy them off of Etsy.

The first thing I made besides that awful quilt (thanx so much for the compliments by the way! - now I won't feel so bad when she is wrapped in it in public ;)) is a doll.

This dolly's name is Naima. And she loves to climb trees and journal in the woods. She is a bit of a loner.

Although she is considered by most to be a tomboy, she is still super feminine -making sure twigs and such are not stuck in her beautiful locs - and going nowhere without her pink lipgloss!


Valencia said...

She is so cute!!

Libby said...

This is a super cute doll. And I do like the idea of the pink safari theme. I guess you better get to craftin'! lol If I can help in any way, let me know. In the meantime, I'm cleaning/organizing out a junk room on a dime. Wish me luck.

Steph said...

You should check out for decals. We got a tree, birds, and owls for charlie's room. You can choose the colors, and their color selection is really good.

Tori said...

I love this doll! Very cute!


Nicole said...

What an adorable doll. And I love the "personality" she has. Seems like a cool doll to hang around with!