Friday, July 08, 2011

Craft Swap

So, there is the website called Craftster. And it is amazing for crafters.

Craftster has many thing for many people. Craft tutorials, Craft-alongs, Craft challenges, and one of my favorites: Craft Swaps!

I recently finished up a swap and she received it yesterday. I also received my package yesterday!

Our theme was Energy Healing. I sent her:

and this:

along with more stuff inside the box and a crochet cozy for her cards. This was my first time wood burning and I LOVE it. I bought a wood burner just for this swap - it was pretty cheap though ~ $25.

Let me show you my FAVORITE thing she sent me.

It is a journal cover. And she made EVERY SINGLE stitch by hand. I absolutely love it. It is a cover that holds a regular sized journal inside - so I can replace the journal when I fill it up!

She also sent me more amazing goodies like, fabric:

and energy rocks!

and beads, and maracas for Zekey! (and more stuff, actually)

In the middle of doing a swap and putting so much time, money, and effort into a package (in the midst of chores piling up, projects accumulating, and money short) - I always vow that it will be my last - until I receive my package. It is so great to receive something you KNOW was made with the same time, money and effort. It kinda keeps calling me back.

But I am seriously going to wait a looooong while to do my next swap. Well, I will try at least ;).


Sheridan - 0611 said...

But what if there is another doll swap? :D

I hear ya on the time and money, etc.. I have backed off participating for a while since I had so much going on and was not feeling overly inspired.

I love the multimedia painting you did!

Ayana said...

Thank you!

lol! I know, right! I think if I stay off of the boards (and therefore not be AWARE of the doll swap), I will be okay.

Libby said...

I might need to check out that site. I haven't done a swap like this in a while. I used to do them through blogs and Ravelry, but I've been kind of slack on that.

All the items are wonderful!

Libby said...

Here's the link to the decorating style:

Nicole said...

What beautiful crafts both sent and received!