Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 61 of 365

So, my dad's friend just moved here from L.A. and wanted me to take head shots of him. Not that I know what that means exactly. Just a shot of his head? What about shoulders? Why not include the waist... Whatever I just took some pictures and let him figure out which one he liked the best. I liked this one.

Not being as computer savvy as he would like to be, he also needed me to put a craig's list ad up for him. He cleans houses for women (sometimes) without his shirt on.

Um, yes. A shirtless cleaning man.

If you are in the Atlanta area and interested, here is his number: 818-470-8218


Jamellia said...

Omg!!! Too funny.....Now I am going to call my father and ask what he does for single women that I am not aware of right now!

DJ WiZzDoM™ said...

Lol !!! I need to get in that proffesion.

Ayana said...

@Jamellia: Ha! You never know!

@DJ. LOL. I think he does pretty well!