Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 45 of 365

When I was younger, I hated my hair. I hated how short it was. But more than anything, I HATED the texture. I have the opposite of what most people would call "good hair".

My hair is super duper coarse. Nappy.

I prayed. Literally, down on my knees prayed for *good* hair. I wanted God to grow my hair and change the texture. Even as a child - I knew this was not a realistic request. Could/Would God actually loosen these insanely tight curls?

Obviously, not.

My mom and I did everything humanly possible to hide the natural texture of my hair.

We used super hot straightening combs and ended up burning the back of my neck, forehead, and ears.

We went the salons to get relaxers that left chemical burns in my scalp and later scabs so big and deep my hair would come out when it healed.

I even got braids so tight, white bumps formed at the edges of my hair.

All of this wear and tear on my hair was not very conducive to healthy hair. So, my hair broke off and stayed short. Short and nappy. The worst combination.

Then something amazing happened. I started seeing people with these amazing locs. Imagine - someone with hair like mine, letting the texture show - AND it being beautiful!!!!

Finally, I stopped torturing my hair and I let it loc up. It was the most liberating experience.

And now it is long - longer than I ever imagined it could be. Still nappy - but I am cool with that. ;)


Anonymous said...

Great post Ayana! This is Angela. I really enjoyed it. I love my hair currently with locs- but it still amazes me how many people still get the wrong idea/image associated with locs- i.e. Rastafarian, must smoke weed, about I just love my hair and love it when it is healthy?

Neci said...

The short hair was cute on you!! Especially when you would dye it with Kool-Aid, so creative!! But I must say, I LOVE your "good hair" now, much more. I think they're beautiful and more unique, yours and Vanita's.


Rochelle "RoSolow" Washington said...

I FEEL you! I OVERstand! Great post!

Ayana said...

Thank you!

Deborah said...

This is a great post. One of these days I am going to just let my own hair go. I think I need to accept it - I'm just scared.

Ha, imagine that - scared of my own hair. Anyways. I absolutely love your hair, it's beautiful. :o)