Monday, September 13, 2010

Bob Marley skirt and birthday bag.

I have been keeping myself busy with craft projects.

I had been want to make myself a dress out of a Bob Marley tshirt, inspired by this creative. But I don't know how to sew garments. The only things I sew are bags. Because they are super simple. I don't even have to measure!

Well, I have been stretching my creativity - probably because of my art journal - more on that later. And I finally made this:I know, it is not a dress. But it turned out to be a skirt. It IS a little wonky - so I probably won't wear it out of the house. But I am so proud of it - and I am going to make more (less wonky)! That I CAN wear out!

Also, my cousin's baby just turned 3! She is really a grown lady in a 3 year old body. She has been speaking (as clearly and with the vocabulary as some adults) since she was barely 2. I made her this bag.

Her mother loved it. And I loved that! It makes me super motivated to make stuff for people who LOVE my work. Yay. :).

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