Monday, September 27, 2010


So, I have been inspired by an AMAZING photographer, whose work can be seen here.

She is doing a 365 project where she takes a picture of herself everyday for 365 days. She is on day 208 - which is amazing. Most people do not last past the first 30 days.

Which is why I am hesitant to do my own. I don't want to quit after 10 days. I know I will if I don't have a strong conviction as to why I am doing it. Ya know?

Also, I do not want to lug my big camera everywhere. I guess I don't have to take it EVERYwhere. I only have to take one picture per day. But it will get boring taking pictures around the house. I will have to take it out sometimes.

Maybe I should just start out with a 56 week project. One picture per week. Or maybe I should do a 30 day project. 1 picture everyday for 30 days....

Or I can just do a 10 day. I just made that up.

We will see.

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DJ WiZzDoM™ said...

Go the FULL 365 You CAN DO IT!!!