Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My favorite photographer...

right now is Terra Coles.

I had been facebook stalking her for a minute and realized she was gonna be at Spread Love this past weekend. So, when I got an opportunity to vend, I was super excited!

My brother, Bryan, and I got our picture taken together.

This picture doesn't really show her artistic talent.

But her blog does: http://ttcoles.wordpress.com/

One of these days, I am gonna have my own photoshoot (artistic and everything). She is super nice and not even expensive. It is only $125 for some headshots AND you get the digital images. She charges $250 for an entire family photoshoot.

Other photographers of her caliber cost that just for the sitting! And I think she is waaaay better. Seriously. Look her up on facebook. Her work is AMAZING!

Okay. Enough of my ranting. I just wanted to express how great she is.

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