Monday, February 08, 2010

Saving Money

So, I have gotten really interested in the history and current issues of housewifery after reading (actually listening to)* this book: To Hell with All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife. I would love to read...ahem... listen to more. Listening to a book is MUCH easier than reading one, by the way... [Although I did stay up all night reading 20 Times a Lady the other day. Hilarious! I had to get up and give a baby shower, AND throw a superbowl party the next day. I was exhausted. But it was totally worth it. I haven't stayed up reading a book straight through since before I was married. Note to self: do that more often.]

Anyway, one of the universal issues with housewifery is money. Having only one income - that's not a bizillion dollars - kinda forces you to be more thrifty. We also have lotfy dreams of paying off our
gigantic student loans and debilitating credit card debt in a few years, so our budget calls for drastic and sometimes embarrassing measures. Let me tell you about some:

1.) Going to eat out with friends and family, but not really eating... Actually eating the 'free' bread. This is probably the most embarrassing, but worth the $25 - $30 we would have to spend to keep up appearances.

2.) Pretty much NEVER eating out. A couple of times I tried. I was so hungry and tired and really not feeling like cooking then cleaning up the kitchen afterward. But then guilt about the money we would have to spend won out in the end. I just made something at the house. It is really almost the same amount of work
(taking into account preparing Zekey for the trip) and much quicker if I choose the right meal.

3.) Shopping at Sams and BJ's without paying for a membership there. I will just tag along with a friend or family member who does.

4.) Using coupons faithfully. I have not actually mastered this one. I am not organized enough to take full advantage of coupons. I am working on it though!

5.) Getting books and movies from the library. And if they don't have a book you want, do an interlibrary loan. I have been drooling over this book: The Sewing Book
for a few months but I really cannot afford it at the moment. My library doesn't have it, so I am getting an inter-library loan. :)

These are just a few of the money saving tips that I can think of. But it starts with making and sticking to a budget.

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Christina B. said...

Thanks for promoting the library. We are still one o the best kept secrets.