Friday, January 29, 2010

So this is my first real post in... how long?

Wow, I really suck.

I have made several attempts to post more of my personal life on this blog... honest! For some reason, my creative writing juices aren't flowing.

I think it is because I have SO much on my mind. My son is the first. He pretty much holds me hostage during his waking hours and sleeps sporadically when I am not sleeping with him. Spoiled? That is what E calls him. But I call it 'needing a lot of attention'. And I refuse to allow my son to be one of those kids that needs *extra* attention from any person- who becomes an attention-whore as an adult...

Of course this wears on ME. I need (like probably every healthy person) alone time. Where I can just sit and hear my own thoughts, analyze my feelings, and learn to be a better person. So, I have been living on auto pilot, watching too much TV (this is the one activity I can do undisturbed, while Zeke is awake), and unenthusiastically doing housework.

Which brings me to my next dilemma. Being a good housewife. Maybe it is because my mom was not a housewife when I was growing up. Maybe because I never grew up around ANY housewives, I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Keeping the house clean, doing laundry, and preparing every single meal every single day is really a non-stop job.

Which includes working on our new business: Deep Embrace, a bath and body product line that uses ONLY all natural products. More about that later...

Which leaves AyanaRED pretty much out in the cold.

But I am going to do better. Starting with this blog post....


Steph said...

You should move to Alpharetta or Johns Creek... they are the lands of Housewives! A lot of my students' moms stay at home however I don't think they've gotten the whole stay at home thing down pat either. I was watching an infomercial or ad or something on PBS the other morning about a housewife (black, at that) teaching classes on how to be a good/efficient stay at home mom. The gist of what she was saying centered around being SUPER organized... like coming up with menus and organizing the food in the fridge by the day. i dunno... I'm sure you'll get better with time and experience... just be patient.

p.s. i'm glad you're back to blogging... i check every two days or so. so many of my blogging friends have gotten busy and stopped (or slowed)

Libby said...

Hi! Didn't realize you had a blog, but stumbled upon it from a blog I follow who reads your blog. Also, I'm a fellow EAOC member! I miss AyanaRED. You're very talented.

Check out - stay at home mommy/crafter. Maybe you can find ideas from her. I believe you'll find your stride. :-)

Stop by my blog anytime - when you get a free moment!