Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Magic Pillow

Everyday, from around 5pm Zeke gets fussy. His eyes will droop, he drops his head, but then, as if getting a sudden burst of energy, he jerks his head up, widens his eyes, refusing to go to sleep. E and I try everything to get him to go to sleep. We rock him, I nurse him, E takes him for a walk outside. While these things do calm him down, he still refuses to sleep.

Well, last night. I got a brilliant idea. About a month ago, I received a wonderful lavender scented eye pillow in a craft swap. Remembering how it makes me feel more relaxed, I put it in front of Zekey's face and guess what? He goes RIGHT to sleep. I almost felt like I was drugging him.

Now I know what I will include in every baby shower gift I give!

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KGD said...

I have a lavender scented neck pillow. I'm going to try this tonight with my daughter.