Monday, August 17, 2009

Andy's Doll

I finally finished a doll for a girl named Andy and sent it to her. I poured over every single detail, wanting to make it perfect. Of course, she is my new favorite. I must say, it was well worth the effort.

Andy got the doll today and sent me this message:

"Ayana! I got her. She was a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I got home for lunch today! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love, love, love her! You are so creative. I am honored to have gotten one of your dolls before you start charging what they are really worth. I can see that so much went into making her. Sooo detailed - the tops the headband, skirt everything!"

Yay! I must have read that message 10 times.

The doll features a reversible tube top,

that closes with leather straps, adorned with wooden beads,

brass hoop earrings, necklace made with turquoise beads, fresh water pearls, and tiger's eye,

a skirt made from fabric my sister hand dyed,

that ties in the back,

AND a sweater

that buttons up the back

Thank you for looking!

Now, don't you want one of your own? Go ahead, order it.

Here is the link: Custom Doll


Andrea said...

Hey Ayana! It's me Andy! I just wanted to say that for such a lovingly crafted, detailed doll, you worked so swiftly! I was amazed that I got this doll in barely 2 weeks. Thanks again, and I will definitely be back! You rock!

CoCoCosmopolitan said...

great job