Thursday, June 25, 2009

FREE item.

So, I have a few items I want to sell at the fair. However, I am not very good at knowing what is marketable and what is not. So, I would love to enlist your help in deciding what to go ham on.

Please vote in the comments on what you think will be the most popular:

Pssst. One random voter will get their choice of item free!
(shipping included)

Please leave your email address in the comments.
If you feel uncomfortable doing that, send me an email at ayanared {at} gmail {dot} com.

Oh and here are the prices:
Brass Ring $5
Brass Ring with Shell $7
Brass swirl earrings with shell $13
Brass hoops with Plastic Beads $10
Brass Hoops with Wooden Beads $10


J. Kellee Designs said...

Hey Lady,

I think the following will be great sellers:

The Brass hoop with wooden beads
The Brass swirl ring with the shell
The Brass swirl earrings with the shells

I think all of it is cute though... you go girl!

From: ~ Jasmine Bryant

Steph said...

i like the first column the most in order of...
brass earrings with shell
brass ring
brass earrings with beads

they all look really good! Good job!

WannaBe said...
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Sheridan said...

I love the brass ring w/o the shell and both hoops, with my favorite being the plastic beads.. I am drawn toward colors more then earth tones. :)

FitDiva said...


I like the brass earrings with the shells and the brass earrings with the beads.

You are so talented!

Ms. "D" said...

Hey Sweetie,

I like all of the earrings. My favorite is the brass swirl with the shells because they're different!

Very nice!!

Enomaly said...

Brass rings w/o the shell. They're the cheapest and could turn out to be a cool gift to give to girls of all ages.

Steph said...

Hey Ayana!

My favorite is the brass hoop with plastic beads. It would be nice to have a silver option as well. I prefer to wear silver jewelry, so it would be nice to offer both options! Have fun at the festival!

~Stephanie Otten~

Kendra Anthony said...

Hey hunny,

I think that the brass hoop with wooden beads would be great,as well as the brass swirl ring (with out the shells) and the brass hoop with the colored beads. I love it all I need some more earrings I may purchase that brass hoop with the wooden beads reall soon. Either way it is all great stuff:-)

Cassandra AKA CJ said...
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Cassandra AKA CJ said...

Ok! I will try this again...for the 3rd time! LOL! I must be a special ed teacher or something! LOL!

If I had $20 to spend, and that is all I have to spend with this tight buget...I would first buy the brass earrings with the plastic first choice and then the ones with the wooden beads.

Now on the 4th time! BTW...I do like the earrings with the shells as my 3rd choice...but sans the shells! Man, I deserve some free earrings or something after this! LOL! Just kidding!

RayJaa said...

My vote goes to #1 Brass Hoops with Wooden Beads and #2 Brass Ring - like another voter said, if I only had $20 to spend :)

Kismae Grimes said...


I like them all but If I had to choose on the best seller if would be the Brass Hoops with Plastic Beads.
Kismae Grimes

Natalie U said...

Hey Ayanna!!!!! I love the brass swirl ring. Congratulations on your new arrival!!!

Love ya Natalie U.

Anonymous said...

I like the brass earrings with the colorful beads and the other set of earrings with the wooden beads.

Cheryl Akins...

Rochellew said...

I LOVE the cowree shell and brass earrings as well as the hoops with the brown beads on them...Killin' em!

Joya said...

The brass and cowrie earrings are fantastic! and with matching ring!? supurb. Joya

Ericka said...

I like the Brass Hoops with Plastic Beads the best...congrats on your new addition :)

TASHA said...

Beautiful pieces Ayana!!! I'm all about I'm going with the brass swirl ring with shell and matching earrings...
I do like the hoop earrings with wooden beads...maybe a bracelet to match?

Jarrad said...

I would probably get the earrings with wooden beads for a young lady, or maybe my mom or something.
This is the order:
1. wooden beads
2. ring with bead
(can't remember now, as I can't look at it and type at the same time)
5. last would be the earrings with plastic beads

Pam said...

It's all really cute. My favs are:

1) brass hoops with plastic beads ( b/c orange is supposed to be in this summer), and
2) brass ring

Much luck at the festival.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ayana

My favorite item is the brass hoops with the wooden beads!


AT said...
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AT said...

I think all of them will sell but my favorite is the ring with the shell : )


Debra said...

I love them all, and I really think you should focus on all of them! But my personal favorite are the hoops with the wooden beads!

Oh Sheila!!! said...

I would do the brass hoops with wooden beads definitely. I like the colors of the plastic but the hardiness and size of the wood. So if there were wood beads with color, I'd probably get those as well.

Christina B. said...

I love them all. I totally think that you are going to do well at the Habasha Festival today. Just stay cool out there.
To bad I missed the voting, That spiral ring would have been a great birthday gift for me. That's a little selfish, Sorry. I'll just have to brave the heat and stop by the festival.