Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breastfeeding Bohemian.

I am doing the organic festival this weekend. I am so nervous. Not about the festival. I am nervous about leaving the baby :(. Previous times when I have left him home with E, he didn't take the bottle too well and he cried a lot. :(. I may only be able to stay at the craft fair for a couple of hours.

Which is super sad, because this fair is so much fun. Last year when I went I had a great time. There is great food (all of it is Vegan), great vendors (including me, of course), and a great atmosphere. I remember seeing this lady looking super cute, in her bohemian outfit, breastfeeding her infant (discreetly) on a blanket, listening to the live music. I remember being like: I want to be like that when I have kids.

But now that I have one, I am like: how am I going to breastfeed him sitting up like that? That would kill my back. And what about the bugs? I would want to hurt myself if I let him get bit up by mosquitoes. And the HEAT. What kind of mother would I be to expose him to the heat wave we are having this year? I don't think it was this hot last year.

Besides, I definitely wouldn't be as cute as she - I would have to have a humongous, ridiculous-looking towel under the other breast to catch the spraying milk - or have a huge wet spot. Either way, it would totally ruin the whole bohemian look.

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