Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jas's Mom

So, an old high school classmate of mine commissioned me to make a doll for her mom for Mother's day. I made her body out of "I Love this Cotton" Yarn (by Hobby Lobby). Hobby Lobby has the BEST yarn. Usually cotton is kinda hard and scratchy - but Hobby Lobby's is a nice, soft texture.

She has boobs, of course. Ever since I made boobs on that pregnant doll - I think I have become obsessed with them. I wouldn't dream of making another flat chested doll (unless it's a kid or a man doll, ha!). Her accessories include: a flower for her hair - attached with a bobby pin, brass bracelets and brass earrings (that have sterling silver ear wires).

The halter dress, which is embellished with wooden beads, is the same as the pregnant girl's dress because I lost the cord to my sewing machine, and was not able to make a pair of jeans, like requested. Luckily, my friend was okay with the crocheted dress.

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