Thursday, March 12, 2009


I like to cook. Well, my brother-in-law, J, likes to eat - no make that LOVES to eat...for free. Nevermind that he is probably worth about a million dollars he is the cheapest guy I know. But anyway, I like to feed people. So, I feed him over on average once a week (sometimes less when I am mad at him - sometimes more when I am in the mood to cook a lot of food).

On Sunday, I wanted to make a nice brunch - but in the middle of preparing to cook I realized that I did not have enough syrup for everyone. Since, J was coming over, I asked him to bring me some syrup. I am kinda picky about my syrup - and knowing his cheap tendencies, I specify: "Please, bring me Aunt Jemima Original syrup." About 20 minutes later, he calls and tells me that he is at Sevenanda and he's running late and asks if he can just get me some syrup from there.

Sevenanda is our local whole foods co-op, and only carries real maple syrup - which is way better than Aunt Jemima's, anyway. So, of course I say: "Yeah, you can get any syrup from there".

Why did this fool bring me Kroger Value syrup?

He said: "I couldn't see myself spending $8 on some syrup, so I went to the Kroger down the street. They didn't have any Aunt Jemima Original, so I figured if I was going to get the wrong kind, I may as well, get this kind"

What? Why didn't he call me? Why didn't he get some other brand, like Log Cabin? Why Kroger Value - the ABSOLUTE worst (and cheapest, obviously) kind in the city????

I was pissed. I kept giving him dirty looks during brunch and for a few days afterward, whenever I saw him I asked him for my "dang syrup". As a matter of fact, I threated to not invite him over to eat, again.

Well, yesterday, I wanted to make waffles again and I decided to give him another chance. So he brought me my syrup!!!! (with a bow)

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wavawoman said...

Girl, I feel you with the syrup. I hate real maple syrup. Which is why I don't do the "Master Cleanse" Diet. GROSS!

Anyway, I bought two BIG bottles (64 oz each) of Mrs. Butterworth from Sam's for $8 all together. You can't beat the price and you have enough syrup to last you 52 weeks...maybe?

It not Aunt J. but its not nasty, cheap, watery Kroger brand either.