Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm a HUSTLA, baby....

Thankfully, I have been making a little money here and there. The bulk of the money I have been bringing in comes from tutoring Calculus. But some comes from my true love: creating. I finally finished the family of dolls for my cousin. I have a couple of orders in for a crocheted hat and scarf set. Currently, I am preparing for a Relay for Life event that is TOMORROW!

This is my first time doing an event with my own stuff (I once had a Warm Spirit booth - more about that later). So i am at a great loss as to what I should be making, how many I should make, how I should set up the table, etc.

I guess I should stop pondering and get to work.

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Steph said...

sounds like you're having fun! make sure to take lots of business cards with you the the event!!!