Thursday, January 15, 2009


The one thing that sucks about being at home is not having a paycheck. I have been working at least one job or another since I was old enough. I did not grow up in a home where financial problems were sparse. My mother was single and although my father was reliable in paying child support - he was not wealthy enough for the child support to cover more than a fraction of our expenses.

So, as a teenager (before I was old enough to get a job), I sold candy to help my mom pay for gas. Then, as soon as my sixteenth birthday hit, I was applying for a job at Publix. With this job, I was able to cover mostly all of my own personal needs plus help my mom. I did not realize this was the beginning of my bondage.

Well, I am not in bondage anymore, but now I feel like a bum. What kind of able-bodied loser brings in ZERO income? I know what you are thinking: "Why didn't you think of that BEFORE you quit, genius?" Well, hindsight is 20-20, isn't it, smarty-pants?

Of course the obvious solution to this delima is to sell more things in my Etsy shop. Especially the dolls. The problem is handmade things take so long to make, the income is minuscule.

I guess minuscule is better than zero.

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