Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama....The President...

Yes, I voted for him (with my conservative self). However, I am not naive to think that all of our economic problems will be instantaneously solved because a republican is out of office. It is extremely annoying to me when people blame our entire economic crisis on 'republican policies'.

Don't you know there are about a bazillion factors that contribute to the current state of our economy? And surprise, surprise, not all of them were caused by Bush. Furthermore, the Bush policies that were the most detrimental to our economy were the liberal ones! Bush's spending topped even Clinton's! The problem is not with Republicans - it's with fake Republicans.

So, the next time you want to blame republican policy for the economic crisis, go do some research, thanks.


Steph said...

ummm.... was this directed at me? cause, girl, you know how i be slamming the republicans (or fake republicans)! well, either way... i hope everything gets better. did you see all those folks at DHL losing their jobs... it was like 10,000 of them!!!!! its getting scary!

hope you, erin, and the baby are doing well!!!

MHJones said...

Even though you voted for Obama, I still love you and still consider you my niece. And if pressed, I may actually tell folks you're my niece.

Then again, the choices were McCain and Obama. I guess with Obama you at least got someone who LOOKS alive.

MHJones said...

You know I'm kidding - right?