Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's been so loooooong......

I know and I am really, really sorry. The most life-changing events are happening so far and I am not even sharing. I suck.

Update on the pregnancy:
Everything is going great. My stomach is definitely growing and I gained about 2 pounds! (after being reprimanded by my doctor and mom) At first I was actually losing weight because I lost my appetite. I think I lost my appetite because my stomach was getting bigger. Apparently, I have a subconscious weight-maintaining system. When I start to get bigger, I stop eating. As you can imagine this is counter-productive for someone expecting. So, I've had to retrain my appetite and embrace my bulging belly.

E loves it by the way. Everything: the pregnancy, my fat stomach, and of course my growing boobs (woo-hoo!! I am not too mad about that, either). And he's been great. Among other things, he brings me lunch to school everyday, and he reminds me to take my prenatal vitamins every night.

I don't yet know the sex of the baby and I don't care. E wants a boy. And although I really, really want a girl (at some point) - I am afraid that I will not be able to mother her well enough my first try.

Update on teaching:
Surprise, surprise. Even though teaching is still not my 'calling', I hate it a lot LESS than I did a month ago. I think it's because the hazing phase is over. The kids have finally stop trying (successfully) to get me to quit and I am now known as the "cool teacher". However, being a "cool teacher" has is disadvantages. For one, they won't listen to me when I tell them to shut-up and listen during class time. For another, they come to my class (uninvited) during a period that is not their own. So, even when I do manage to get all the students on task, there is a good chance someone will come in a disrupt it.

Even the principal has lightened up. He is still a micro-managing-moron. But he has stopped writing me up.


Steph said...

its great that everything is going well for you!!! i'm so happy to see you blogging during your pregnancy (i check often to see if anything new has popped up on your page). the shole school thing will get much better over time and eventually (hopefully) you'll grow to really enjoy it. they'll become more respectful as you get further in your pregnancy.

Tanisha said...

Found you via Flickr (the I Made it Myself group). Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Love your blog. :-)