Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I really need to get myself together...

When I was in college (well before my last year), I was extremely efficient. I kept my house clean, I cooked, I went to church, I read my bible, I did my homework, I studied, I made good grades, I exercised, I didn’t hardly watch TV. I was just ‘good’ and getting better.

But then senioritis came along and I stopped caring about a lot of stuff. Trying to be so ‘good’ required me to live under a certain amount of stress. I was extremely anal. If my apartment was junky for more than a couple of days, I felt really bad about it and cleaned it up. If wasn’t doing some type of homework/studying I felt guilty. So I spent a lot of time doing homework/studying. But I couldn’t continue to live like that. Feeling guilty about every little thing all the time drove me bananas. I just got burned out.

Also, soon after I stopped being so straight laced about everything, I started dating E. He made it even easier to be less-efficient. He never pressured me (or even hinted for me) to do anything, like cook, clean, etc.

Then I graduated and moved back home. My sister started living with me and my efficiency was long gone. All we did every day was talk trash to each other, make up new dance moves, dress up in tacky clothes and put on terrible make up. It was fun – but not very productive.

But pretty soon, I am going to move out, buy a house, and be a wife. I can’t keep acting like an adolescent with my sister. I have responsibilities.

Now the trick is to learn how to be efficient without being anal… Any suggestions?

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RJaa said...

I don't know if this is still considered anal, but I time manage everything (but my relationships). For example, I have certain days I go to the gym, to the library, and clean the house. As far as cooking, if I cook dinner on Monday then we are having left overs for dinner on Tuesday (I think we talked on the phone about this).

Basically, find what works for you and iron out the kinks along the way...