Saturday, April 02, 2005


Is it vain, to devote an entire website to myself..? to assume that someone, anyone would be interested in my opinions, so much so, that I would pay to have them displayed?  Maybe.  I have been called that before, conceited too.  I admit I do believe that I am attractive.  And if a guy called me unattractive, I would think they were just trying to be funny. Except for white guys.  I have very high self-esteem when it comes to black guys.  But I don't know about guys of different races.  I guess it is because If the guy is attracted to a skinny, blond-long haired girl who wears a size 0, I am not the one. First of all, I have locks, needless to say, they are not blond.  Second of all, I am also not a size zero.  I may have been a size zero when I was in 5th grade - but not today.  So if a guy is looking for a skinny, blond-haired chick - I am not the one.

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