Tuesday, April 12, 2005


This should be your age when you take your first drink. This should be your age when you are able to buy a gun. This, however should never be the grade on your Electronics II test.

I was devastated. I thought that maybe my teacher's handwriting was so sloppy that I was reading the grade wrong. No, 21%. That was my grade. I may as well had not gone to class that day. After going back over it - I could have gotten an 11. He gave us all 10 points for a problem where he messed up the units.

21 on a test? I know you must be thinking I am an idiot. Really, I am not - well not when it comes to grades. I have never gotten this kind of grade on a test. Heck, I've never gotten a C in college. [I think I have in high school - but that is besides the point]. The problem was I did an entire problem that was worth 50 points on a scrap sheet of paper and didn't turn it in. I guess I am an idiot.

Luckily, when I told him the problem he took my test (with the newly found problem #2) and will regrade it. Now, the highest grade I will get is a C. Yipee.

I am not the only one that is being HAZED in the School of Enginneering. Apparently, every EE student has to go through this. I heard of this class before I even changed my major to enginnering. People pray for D's - and frame them! I think I will be one of them.

We'll see

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