Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Everything I know about Youtube partnerships and Youtube Networks...

Procrastination is a lie.

Seriously, it tells you: "Heyyyyy, you don't want to do that NOW, that will just totally ruin your mood" When all the while my mood is RUINED anyway, because I feel guilty about not doing whatever task I am procrastinating. In my case, writing this post.

Whoo! I feel So.much.better. (now that I am actually doing it)

Okay. I promised to tell you how I became a full fledged partner. First of all let me tell you about the types of partners. I have done some research on what it means to be a partner - and how to actually become one and the different types - but I could not find comprehensive information. Let me just tell you what I (think I) know. ;)

 One type of partner (the basic type) is allowed to
  •  Monetize their channel. 
  •  Also, I noticed with these types of partners, if a viewer mouses over the time bar, they are able to see small thumbnails of the video corresponding to that time. This is super helpful for skipping around the video instead of having to watch the entire video or skip around aimlessly. That is pretty much the extent of the basic partnership that I could see. I got this type of partnership soon after I started vlogging. In order to monetize my video, I just clicked a button for each video. 

 The other type of partnership (the full-fledged type) have the above abilities AND the ability to
  • Have advertisements that are longer (and therefore more likely to be clicked). 
  • Have a image button next to the subscribe button. People typically make this button have an arrow pointing to the subscribe button. 
  • Upload a custom thumbnail. When you upload a video, three thumbnails are selected (seemingly random) from your video. Without a partnership, you have the ability to pick from these three only . Oftentimes, these three thumbnails look crazy. So a custom thumbnail option is really handy. I usually do not upload a custom thumbnail, though... Too lazy, I guess. And most of the time, I have no idea what my thumbnail should be. 
  • Have a custom banner on the partner's youtube homepage. Having a custom thumbnail will unify your channel and helps a lot with branding. This is another option that I have not taken advantage of. To be honest, I have not invested the time to figure out how to do this. Maybe after my 365, I will have time to do these kinds of things to *pretty* up my channel. 
 For now, I am working on trying to produce better content, you know?

Anyway, I got to be a "full-fledged partner" recently, when I joined a Network. To be honest, I have limited knowledge about Networks and such also. There is surprisingly little information about these kinds of things freely available. I can tell you the specifics about mine (as I did sign the contract!). A contract which has a span of 24 months!
  •  The name of my network is MomPulse - a network for moms, duh! But it is under a bigger network called FullScreen.net. I heard about FullScreen.net from another Youtuber. When she told me about it, I immediately looked them up. To get actual information, you have to fill out a form requesting more information. I was contacted very shortly by Mike (whose email address is: mikec[at]fullscreen[dot]net), who gave me the most amazing compliments on my channel.  And he is super easy to work with! I am sure he is the real reason I signed up.  He told me that in order to sign with them, I typically have to have 20,000 views/month.  At the time I wasn't quite there, yet but he would bend the rules just for me if I still wasn't there in a week or so.  ;)  After a week, I was there!  So, I signed up! 
  • I share my monetization proceeds with them. 70-30. I get 70%, they get 30%. 
  • I have the opportunity to make money in other ways. For example, I can do sponsored videos where I show a clip of maybe a movie, maybe a commercial... whatever they provide me with and I would get paid per view.  I have not done one of these yet, because I don't think my viewers would be interested in any of the ones provided so, far.
And that is about all the information I can think of for now!  I will update this post when I get more information.  Thank you for reading!  And, um, watching the video below:

Maybe I will be back tomorrow... but more likely in a few days. ;)  


Rochelle said...

Good to know!

Noner said...

Good info.

Now I need to learn how to get more subscribers. (and how to find more time to vlog...lol)

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Mel W said...

Oh wow! I haven't been to your blog since it was primarily focused on crafting and this is amazing! I love the switch to vlogging and how interesting your observations on it are...keep it up! :-)