Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I am an unpaid psycho

Hey yall!


Okay fine.  Hey mom.  ;).

I know I have not updated this here blog in so long.  And, let me just tell you.  I hate that opening.  I do not want to hear anyone's sorry excuses for allowing their blog to become all stale and void.  Just update it, then!  No one cares.  I will just read someone else's blog if you aren't pumping out any useful information!  I don't depend on you for my blog-reading fix.  Don't give me your excuses.

Okay.  Rant to self over.

Let's just start over.

So, I have been extremely obsessed with vlogging.  Do you know, I am on day 299?????  I have been making videos EVERY SINGLE DAY for 299 days.  It is absolute madness.  I feel like a psycho.  I realize that you have to be a psycho to do ANYTHING for 365 days straight.

You would think that since I have been doing it so much and for so long, it should be really super easy.  And in a sense, you would be right.  Unfortunately, because I must really be a psycho - every time it gets too easy (i.e. boring) I change it up.  To make it harder.  It causes extreme anxiety.  But I LOVE it.  Seriously.  I feel like (for the first time EVER) I am doing exactly what I am meant to do (job-wise - obviously being a mommy is the center of my being) .

And my vlogs are getting WAY better (in my humble, humble opinion).  I kinda want to take down my first vlogs.  They are down right embarrassing.  But then that would ruin my 365...

I remember I used to refuse to edit them.  Really, because I didn't know HOW to edit them.  But now, it would have to be an extreme emergency not to edit a video.  I spend at least an hour or two editing them every night.

I used to just sit in front of the camera and rattle off my confessions.  Now, I can't stand to see myself in front of the camera for more than half of the video.

My thing now is: day in the life videos.  I have been doing them everyday for the past few days.  To me, they are SO much more interesting.  I am a pretty nosey person - so to see the ins and outs of someone's day is right up my alley!

Here, watch one:

The only problem is, although I treat my videos like a job, I don't actually get PAID.  Well, hopefully, some day I will...

Anyway, I just wanted to update this here thing - so that I won't feel like SUCH a loser.  And maybe I will try and write a blog post everyday for the month of October.

Don't laugh.


Allenoel said...

I look forward to viewing your vlogs. You're so animated and open. Thanks for sharing your life.

Steph said...

I think more people read your blog than you think! I look forward to your posts :-)

beca64 said...

Hey girlie! I love your blog page. Can't wait to read more!

Adriann said...

Oneofhis2 from YouTube. Maybe I'll join you in your daily blog posting in October. I haven't posted since July! :( Adding you to my blogroll now. Adriann ♥

Libby said...

You blogged. :-)