Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Okay, so because I have been sharing ALL of my business on YouTube (and you guys REFUSE to watch me there), I will just update here.  lol.  J/K.

No, seriously I do need to let you know what is going on and I have embedded some youtube links just in case you want to check me out ;-).

1.) We are moving.  (sad face).

living room of the duplex

Actually, I am not as sad about it now as I was when we first made the decision...  It is a good (financial) decision - excellent, really.  ANDDDD we are going to be living next door to my brothers (and my brother's fiance and their child)!

We are going to move into a duplex!  Here is a tour of the place.  Actually, we lived there before - when we first bought it.  Unfortunately, it is kinda hood... But living there will save us an INSANE amount of money.  Really.  I will actually be able to breath (a little... we are trying to follow Dave Ramsey's plan and live way below our means). And it is not *as* hood as it was before.  I have not been seeing crackheads by the exit when go by there!

Also, I have a few DIY projects in mind...  My husband is even jumping on the DIY bandwagon.  When he realized how much money we would save, he was like: "Wait a minute...".  lol.  And I am super happy about that - not only because I love DIY, but also, men doing manual labor is pretty hott to me ;).

2.) I got my hair braided.
(cell phone pics)

And I love it.  Unfortunately, it is so tight, I am JUST now able to nod my head comfortably - and I got my hair done 4 days ago!

3.) I opened my Etsy shop back up! (I know I already told you)

It is still pretty empty - and it will probably stay on the scarcity side, because I realized that I do not want the bulk of my income to come from me producing items.  I know that I am just not the type of person that will pump out multiple items for the sole reason to sell them.  I do not enjoy that.  I am a crafter.  I like to make a whole bunch of different types of things.  So, that is what I am going to do. ;).  Hopefully, I will be able to make this vlogging for money thing work... and for now, I will have the shop open just incase someone wants to buy something...

4.) I am hosting craft challenges!

Over on YouTube.  I know that there are a lot of craft challenges in the blogging world - but there are NONE on YouTube.  Can you believe that?  I was looking for a way to be inspired and put myself out there, but I could not find ANY.  So, I made my own!  Soooo, if you are a crafter, and you would like a *reason* to step out into YouTubeland, I think this would be a perfect opportunity to try doing videos. Us crafty vloggers are pretty friendly and would love to see some new crafters over there.  Our current challenge is to make something for father's day.

5.) I think I am a graphic designer.

Did you notice my new header?  I did it myself (lol.  Can you tell?).  I want to make some more updates to this blog - giving it a facelift.  I am doing it allll myself (using Picasa)- so excuse the amatur-ish quality ;).

So, that is what is going on with me...  What is going on with you?


Libby said...

Ok, you've just said a whole mouthful, but fortunately I've been keeping up on YouTube. You've got loads of excitement going on down your way and I can't wait to see the progress. :-)

Rose's Daughter said...

You're moving???!!!
You're SAVING money???!!
And your hair is so cute! But although I sometimes miss having my hair braided, I do NOT miss the tightness!