Monday, March 12, 2012

Cast Off Sunday

So, I joined a YouTube group called Cast-Off Crew.  We are a just bunch of crafters who show off our recently finished items once (or less or maybe even more) a week.  Yesterday was my first video with this group!  I showed off my blanket of many colors.  Wanna see it?  Yes?

Here is how I made it:
With Color 1, chain 186
Row 1: dc in the 4 ch from hook and in each ch across (183 sts)
Row 2: ch 3, turn, dc in each dc across
Row 4: (with next color) ch 3, turn, dc in each dc across
Row 5:  ch 3, turn, dc in each dc across
Row 6-90 : repeat rows  4-5

P.S. I am linking this up to Frugal Days (LOVE that blog!)

And here is my Cast Off Sunday video.

Wanna see more?  Here are the links for all of us!

CAST OFF MONDAY: (Every other Monday)


CAST OFF WEDNESDAY: (Last Wed of the month) (Once a month)

CAST OFF THURSDAY: (Every other Thursday) (Every other Thursday)


CAST OFF SATURDAY: (Last Saturday of each month)

CAST OFF SUNDAY: (Every other Sunday) (last Sunday of each month)


Libby said...

It is gorgeous!

Tulipsun said...

Love the blanket!! so pretty

T'arr.a Lu said...

Very lovely! Loving the colors

The Gingerbread Lady said...

Love the colours. What a beautiful blanket!

jodi said...

Oh my word! That is the most fabulous blanket. I can't wait to check out all the videos...I need some crafty inspiration. :) Happy weekend to you!

Ayana Red said...

Thank you soooooo much everybody!!!