Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am about to get organized.

I am pretty much an idiot when it comes to getting organized.

Really.  When I am looking at a pile of my crap, it takes significant mental energy to figure out where things should go when they don't already have a defined place.

I like to think that I am a fast learner.  That I am pretty smart.  Unfortunately, my intellect does not extend to the part of my brain that figures out how things are supposed to be organized...

Let me give you an example.  Up until yesterday, I had been using 3 google accounts.  Seriously.  ACTIVELY using 3!  For my main email (email from my family and friends) I was using email1, for my youtube account: email2, and for my blog: email3.

That means every time I went online, I had to log out of one google account - just to log into another.  Furthermore, I was subscribed to a few newsletters with more than one account - so sometimes, I was essentially logging out of one account just to read the same email... 

And this has been going on for almost... 6 years. I know.  It's ridiculous.  Don't judge me.

Finally, yesterday I had the earth-shattering revelation: "Hey, I should just use one google account."(do you hear the angels singing)
As you can see, I have an extreme learning curve when it comes getting organized.  Which kinda sucks because so much of my life is wasted because of all of the clutter in my head (and in my house).  So, I have decided to get organized.  No matter how much mental effort it takes.  And I am going to share my progress with you.  So that just in case you suffer from the same disability you can learn with me (or if you don't - you will probably laugh). 

Hopefully, my little project will help us stop wasting so much time - and maybe spend more of it doing crafts ;)

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Roses Daughter said...

This is ME! OMG! I have three, count them, THREE email accounts. 2 of them google accounts and one that was set up with att. I really want to combine all of them, but I don't know.....