Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fresh off the (tha) hook #2

In lieu of an actual post, I will just post my Vlog for today. ;)

BTW, I would post every vlog here, but for some reason  I really hate when I visit a blog and all they have are YouTube videos...  Do you feel the same?  Or am I just weird?


BeULuv said...

I feel the same way about the youtube vids. No your not weird. Unless we both are, lol. :)

Kendra said...

I feel the same way. I prefer to read.

Rose's Daughter said...

First: your ears are not uneven!!!
I love the booties!
I realized that keeping a clean house and motherhood does not always mix. So I clean at night, I clean when Pookah is at daycare. Because while I want a clean house, I need to spend time with my family more!

Anonymous said...

Those are some cute booties. You're a cool mom. I think I finally came to that understanding about housework vs kid time with my second son. You are way ahead of me.
When all is said and done your child will remember you picking him up and spending time with him, not that you cleaned the breakfast dishes. :)

Nikki said...

I was feeling a little blase (did I spell that right?) blah, flat, low-you should get the idea by now. I happened by your blog quite by accident. I was looking for a simple crochet slipper pattern. I have been designing my own like forever-simply because I am crochet pattern illiterate. But I finally-like a couple of days ago found one that I can read for the sole and I needed a really easy upper to help me meet a deadline for some giftbasket orders. I digress( I like saying that.) Your blog was so fresh, light, humorous and JUST WHAT I NEEDED. You are so creative -uniquely so. There is no one like you! (smile) So, I will be checking back in regularly. I love coming across true innovative designers. When you come across one it is inspiring and it even whips up designer energy within you. So thank you for bridging some minutes in my day!

Ayana Red said...

awww, thank you!!!