Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My son is B-A-D.

We spell it so that he won't associate himself with being bad.

But he is. I didn't want to admit it - however, honestly is my middle name.

He throws fits. He hits. And he DOES NOT respect his elders (I think he gets that one from me).

We are considering spanking him. Honestly, that is not the route I want to take. I am against corporal punishment. But I am also against bad kids.

What do you think? Do you spank?


Rochelle said...

Okay...this is what we do:

"Picard, don't do that"
"Picard, don't do that"
"Picard, don't do that"

"Picard, go to time out"

"Picard, don't do that"
"Picard, don't do that"
"Picard, don't do that"

Tap his hand. He cries. It's over.

No hard core spanking over here. But we do tap his hand.

Rose's Daughter said...

Pookah is still young, but like you: he is B.A.D.
sigh. I tap his hands and his legs for now.