Friday, October 28, 2011

Hobby Lobby trip

Remember when I was going to do the sewalong.  Yeah... Yesterday.

Well, I couldn't find the book. None of the bookstores around here has it.   I could, of course, order it on Amazon - but then it wouldn't be here by yesterday.

I even went to Hobby Lobby today and bought the fabric. This super pretty white fabric that has teeeeny super white designs

Oh, well.  Maybe I will use it to make Anaya a dress or something *wink*.  Of course I had to buy some yarn!

I went with my crafty buddy Rochelle and she showed me the ends and outs of papercrafting.  Wooo.  Talk about overwhelming.  I felt like I was being introduced to an underground world.  I could barely keep up.

That may have been due to the fact that I had my kids in tow.  While I am trying to get my learn on,  Anaya is mostly sleeping.
Meanwhile, Zekey is:
  • putting stuff back where it doesn't belong.  "I got to put it back, mommy."
  • showing the other customers his random finds (his favorite, of course being Dora stickers) 
  • dragging bulky items around the store (and telling me - not asking me - to carry it for him when he gets tired of it), and finally 
  • demanding that I "pick [him] up, right" when I try to put him on my hip. 
That boy is so entertaining - and tiresome.  When we got home, I took a nap right along with them - it was way past naptime.

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