Saturday, June 04, 2011

I ♥ NY

I think I told you before. But I forgot... until I got here! We have been here since Thursday and I have been

1.)NOT cleaning the kitchen

2.)taking nice long nap

3.)reading my book

4.)shopping EVERYDAY since I have been here.

If you know me personally, you know I am NOT the clothing shopper. I absolutely hate buying clothes... for a lot of reasons (I may tell you about later).

So what have I been buying?

Well, fabric of course!

Look at these awesome African prints I got for $2.75/yard.

I also got some of the cutest print fabric with cars on it for Zekey's bedroom curtains:

for $2/yard!

How can I ever by fabric in Atlanta again???

Well, I do need to buy some fabric for curtains for my living room/ the playroom that I couldn't find here.

And I DID buy one dress. It is for my maternity photoshoot next weekend with Terra Tarice, the BEST photographer in Atlanta. (So, you will see it later) I was stalking her work for a minute before I actually met her. And she is so humble. Like, when I give her a compliment, she is actually SURPRISED! She is clearly delusional...

Also, I wanted to hire a stylist for my photoshoot. I love her style. But, apparently I was being too optimistic about my budget... So, I will just have to wing it myself.

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Carla said...

Nostalgia -- I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter and I wanted everything in her nursery to be Care Bears. Of course at the time, Care Bears was JUST making its way back to the entertainment world so it was hard to find what I needed that related to the theme. So, I was lucky enough to find some fabric and I made curtains and found some quilt-like fabric where I only had to complete by sewing binding onto it.

I miss sewing and this gives me several ideas for my children's rooms.