Thursday, June 23, 2011

The final reveal... coming soon

Unfortunately, I lost the SIM card to my camera. And I cannot take pictures without out it.

I could take pictures with my phone... Actually I DID - but they came out so crappy, I would rather not subject you to it.

I got my craft room/learning center organized. I ended up calling Dreena. I have to say - she is pretty good as a cleaner - but not so much an organizer. I need someone that is going to tell me HOW I should organize my crap - not giving me a pile of it and telling me to go through it. I want someone who is so anal - they will force me to organize my junk drawer. Dreena just allowed me to pile more crap into it.

But I don't regret hiring her at all! We spent 3 hours so I paid her $75 and it was well worth it!

Since E and I had to move all the crap out of the basement - we piled a lot of stuff in the learning center and I did not have the motivation to clean it up till Dreena got here. So, now it is definitely livable.

I might end up hiring someone else to come out and reorganize/decorate the learning center because it does not feel 'right' yet. Well, when I show you pictures, maybe you can tell me what you think.

Also, E moved the bookshelves into the living room. And I love how it turned out.

I should get a SIM card tomorrow.

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Libby said...

Oh I can't wait to see your revised space! I think I need one of those "Mission Organization" people too. :-)