Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Still clicking...

So, tomorrow I will take my 100th picture.

This would be a good quitting point. But I am not feeling like I should stop just yet.

What I am going to do is stop being so hard on myself. When I put a picture up that is not artistic - which as you can see is most of the time: I feel guilty. I tell myself: "Who wants to see a picture of that?". "You are just wasting your time".

But I am going to stop all of that negative talk. It is okay if my pictures aren't professional looking. Even though I won't win any awards for my photography, at least I will have documentation of my past year.

AND somewhere in there, I WILL have some nice pictures.

AND if some people hate my blog and my stupid-looking pictures, they will probably only be offended once as they will more than likely not come back.


Steph said...

Keep taking your pictures! I think they're beautiful!

valencia said...

Where is the 100th picture