Friday, January 14, 2011

Pisces I am not.

So, although my birthday is March 10th, I am not a Pisces. Seriously.

Look at the descriptors.

Secretive? Definitely not me. I tell all of my secrets.

Weak willed? Pshhhhh. Heck no.

So I called my mom: "Mom, when was I REALLY born? Because I know it was not between Feb 20 and March 20."

Mom: "What are you talking about?"

Me: "When was my real birthday? It's okay, you can tell me now - I can handle it. When was I REALLY born"

Mom: "March 10th"

Me: "Well, when was my due date?"

Mom: "Well, they said you were due on March 22nd, but..."

Me (I cut her off): "BAM! I knew it! What's that Aries? Okay thanks Mom, that is all I needed to know."

So, if you read the Aries sign descriptor - you will find a more accurate description of my personality. I am MUCH more that than Pisces. But to be completely honest and fair - I have both characteristics. I am super feeling and emotional. I feel what people around me feel. BUT I am crazy head strong.

So next time people ask me my sign, I am going to tell them I am borderline Pisces and Aries. "When's your birthday," they may ask. "March 10th AND March 22nd."


τreciä said...

LOL!!! this post was funny. I don't think we should put too much energy into zodiacs. I think its enough to make us insane.

Ayana said...

I know right! But so many people feel like it is a determining factor of what kind of person I am - I feel like I NEED to at least consider it.