Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Day 98 of 365

I made my vision board. I took a webinar class from a woman named Rhya Jovan on Sunday and was so motivated to make my own vision board, I made it that night. (I took the picture the next day).

The class was more inspirational than instructional. I loved it. The sister told us basically her journey over the past few years and how she transformed into who she is today. And how her vision board kept her focused.

The name of my vision board is Being Productive, Open, Expressive, and Reflective in 2011.

I have a picture of a desk to represent my productivity. The picture of the people doing yoga and the candle represents the reflection I plan to do.

The lady running represents how I want to decrease my time running a mile to under 8 minutes. Right now I am under 10 minutes. Well, 9:59 to be exact. Don't laugh! lol. I am going to get better!

The picture of me and my best friend was taken over 10 years ago. We were insanely happy at this moment, in Cancun, eating the sweetest mangoes in the world, kissed by the sun. Although our relationship has changed and evolved over the years, we still share the same soul. This picture represents me being more open in my relationships.

And the picture in the center of the page is of a lady painting on a huge canvas. I would love a canvas just HALF that size (and the easel to go with it!)! Also, I love the quote on it which says: "The world is but canvas to our imaginations" - Henry David Thoreau

I love that!

I wanted a picture of a journal - but I couldn't find one - so I just put a mini journal up there and kept it closed with a clip. :P. I plan to journal everyday. Sometimes I treat it like it is pastime instead of a lifeline. I will change that.

Oh, and at the bottom of the board I have another quote that says: "Touch everyone you meet with love". I don't remember who the author is. But I love it and I want to live by it.

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