Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Day 72 of 365

This picture is ridiculous for so many reasons.

So, I went to work out today. I took a shower the night before and my pajama pants were workout-ish so I decided to keep them on. They were short - like capri pants.

It is entirely too cold for some dang capris so, I tried to compensate by wearing those old-school long socks - you know the ones that have two stripes at the top? I had some that have hot pink stripes. Unfortunately, the socks didn't go up high enough. Well, they were high enough when I first put them on, but didn't STAY up high enough after I left the house - so I ended up showing part of my SUPER-unshaven legs. I refuse to shave in the winter time. And to be honest, I am not very good at keeping smooth legs during the summer either. So my legs were hairy as a beast's.

I did have the forethought to grab a pink shirt to "match" the pink socks. But then, I wore my running gray and purple sneakers. Not to mention my hat that (as you can see) had nothing whatsoever to do with my color scheme. Needless to say, I looked a hot mess.

I went out to visit Shafon (AND to buy some super DELICIOUS cake from Incredible Southern Poundcake) <- Best.Poundcake.EVER.

Shafon had to do some shopping at Wally-World. So, I met her there. She was starving but wasn't finished shopping. So we decided to get something from the deli. Now, I am a Walmart hater. I do not like to buy even diapers from there. I definitely wasn't excited about eating their deli!

But she was hungry, and come to think of it - so was I. We got a plate of boneless wings, potato salad, and fried okra. It actually wasn't too bad.

Then we found a bench in front of the toy section and commenced to eating. People kept walking by looking at us strangely.

So here we were, in the middle of Walmart eating a plate of food, looking a hot mess - AND to top it all off: I am setting up the camera on a pack of bouillon cubes to capture it.


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