Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 49 of 365

I know what you are thinking. "Why are you just sitting there taking pictures while this boy is clearly distressed?". That is the same thing he was thinking.

Don't worry, I picked him up after I got a few shots. (And after he calmed down and said "Up, please" of course). Zekey has manners if he has nothing else. He even says "Excuse me" when other people fart...

You would never guess that he is screaming his head off because I wouldn't let him bang on my computer. Look at him. Drooling and what-not.

All his screaming is killing me, though. What am I supposed to do? It is not like I give him everything he wants. So, he is not screaming because that is the way he gets what he want. I make him ask nicely for things he wants before he gets them. And I never let him bang on my computer. So, what the heck is his problem?

Whenever I tell him no, he goes nuts. I try to avoid saying "no" as much as I can. I hate "no's" myself, so I can kinda relate. I let him be free to do a lot of things. But at some point, I have to draw the line.

And he hates it. And I hate that he hates it. All that screaming sucks.


Steph said...

I deal with kids all day who are used to getting their way at home or not hearing "no". Once I teach them that they won't always get what they want, I find that they respect me more than their own parents! Zekey really is a pleasant child and you're doing a great job with him!!!

Ayana said...

Awwww, thanx!