Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 27 of 365

My sister's birthday is today. I made her an anatomically correct male doll. I won't show *all* of his parts so that we can keep this blog G rated ;). But if you are really curious, go here.

I am gonna think up some kind of story for him and make a little bio book before I send him off.

I love making dolls, because I get to use my entire hodge-podge collection of crafting skills to make them. Especially since I started making the little bio books. Doll-making just takes up SO much time - and creativity. I have to completely be in the mood to make them. And with so much other stuff that is usually going on, I just do not have the time.

But I am glad that I was able to make this little feller up for her.

He features brass hoop earrings, a brass link chain, a wooden beaded necklace, and blue jean pants. I had been wanted to make myself a brass necklace like his, but I was intimidated by the time that it would take and if I would actually be able to make it. Turns out, it was very simple. I could totally make myself one!

Today, I also made a frog applique bag for my niece whose birthday is today, too! I am also going to crochet her a little frog, made from this pattern. I know, I am super late with the gifts, but oh well! Better late than never. ;)

A math tutoring bag for me. It is super handy, because I have to take the same things to every tutoring assignment: business cards, a hole puncher (to give them credit for each hour I am hired - I give them a free hour for every 10 hours they hire me), a pink ink pen ( so that when they go home and study, they will be able to easily see what I wrote as opposed to what they wrote) a calculator, and some scratch paper. It is great to have them all in one place, instead of scrambling for what I need every time I have to go tutor.

The pockets in the jeans are perfect for carrying stuff.

Annnnnd, I made a math tutoring video for one of my students. I really liked doing it - so if you have any math problems you would like me to work out - send them over! (ayanared [at] gmail)

Here is a link to the video:

As you can see, I was super busy, today. I didn't even get out of my pj's!

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