Monday, June 28, 2010

So, you are going to think I am crazy but....

I got another teaching job... at the juvenile correction facility.

Yeah, yeah. I swore off teaching a while ago. I complained about my bad kids. And now, I am teaching the *worst* kids in the system. The ones who actually got into real trouble.

But seriously, this job literally fell in my lap. As I was home trying to figure out how I was going to increase my tutoring students so that we can meet our monthly bills without having to move into a cheaper place, a friend called me and told me that an organization is looking for a certified teacher to teach Pre-GED classes. It is only a part time position - but it pays EXACTLY what I need - to the dollar.

Can you believe that? Also, it is not really a 'teaching' position as much as a 'tutoring' position. All the students need help in different areas and they all have to pass the GED test. There is a maximum of 14 students in the class at a time AND, there is another teacher in the room with me.

So, (crossing my fingers) it shouldn't be TOO bad....?

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