Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pacifier Head Strap

So, our son loves to suck. Fortunately, this now includes the pacifier. Unfortunately, it won't stay in his mouth if he decides to pause and take a break. Instead of having to hover over him, waiting for the pacifier to slip out of his mouth, I made a him a head strap.

E says it puts him in the mind of Hannibal. We won't go out in public with it.

UPDATE: We stopped using it. It may be a good technical solution, apparently it is not a good medical one.


Steph said...

E is right... can he breathe with that?

on the other hand... this might be your claim to fame. you could make them with different smiles or expression and sell them to house moms around the world!

J. Kellee Designs said...

I think its a great idea... but it sort of forces it to stay and there is a reason they split them out - plus if he spits up while he as it in, it has no where to go but back down his throat which could be a choking hazard.

Play with the design, but I like it.

Yan Tan said...

hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love...very interesting we love it... : )


come stop by sometime.. ;-p