Saturday, August 23, 2008

One other great little factoid about my school...

Instead of the principal coming to a particular teacher about a complaint he has about him/her, he holds a spontaneous faculty meeting and complains about that teacher's actions without actually telling said teacher directly.

This leaves the teacher in a very delicate position. First, she cannot be sure that the principal is actually talking about her. Secondly, if she does actually figure out that the principal is complaining about her actions, she cannot apologize nor defend her actions. Lastly, the teacher is embarrassed for having gotten a tongue lashing in front of the entire staff!

As you have probably guessed, the last staff meeting was dedicated to me. Apparently, I was too dressed down for 'Dress-Down Friday'. I know that he is big on the staff looking very professional at all times (during most of the week). But his only stipulation on Friday is that we wear a college shirt or a school shirt and our jeans not be 'too tight'.

I made sure that my jeans were very modestly fitting, but my shirt was not tucked in (it was E's Ga Tech National Society of Engineer's shirt, so it was too big). Apparently, I looked "a hot mess" and warranted my own faculty meeting and the cancellation of 'Dress-Down Fridays'.

At least I am making a difference.


GrabMoL said...

Sounds like the principal was just looking for a reason to cancel Dress-Down Fridays, otherwise I think he would have said something to you about it! Lame.

Steph said...

That is TOO much! I agree.....I doubt he liked jeans days....I'm sure you looked cute though, regardless what any pointed toe principle thought!

Steph said...

i agree with grabmol... he just needed any ole reason it. don't worry. sounds like his lack of professionalism is a far greater concern than your un-tucked shirt.