Monday, March 31, 2008

I am starting to hate SPSU

I want to fight my accounting teacher. No, really. (Okay, I am kidding). But I really do want to let her know what I think of her - which is not good things.

Working on my MBA at an averagely-reputable school I am in an online accounting class, where McGraw-Hill (the text book publishers) are pretty much teaching the class. They are providing the narrated slides, they are providing the homework, they are grading the homework. The only thing my half-witted teacher has to do is provide reasonable tests. And answer any questions we may have.

Why do the tests have all kinds of errors on it? Please, somebody tell me. If I can proof-read my emails, she can surely proof-read her tests! The tests, I might add - that we have to take online where we don't have the benefit of a teacher available to answer any questions we might have.

This heifer has missing information on at least 5 of the problems (out of 25). I think it may be more. So my classmates and I have to spend precious time on meaningless problems. Furthermore, she refuses to answer any emails regarding questions on the test!!!

And this is not the only thing.

Why does this fool have office-hours that she doesn't even attend? What is the point in office hours if you are not going to be there? My mom says, "Why don't you just make an appointment during her office hours to make sure she is there?" Okay, that is a great idea.

So I email her and ask her to set up a time with me. And she responds by telling me to "write down your questions first". This Bitch. If I wanted to WRITE down my questions, I wouldn't be trying to drive all the way to her office, during my OWN work day to meet with her, now would I?

So maybe I do want to fight her.


Stephanie said...

WOW! I tink dat ur profesor shud git Chris too prophreed hair stuph....his gud at documents!

Kadejah said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ayana you said "bitch"!!!! yea you wanna fight her.