Saturday, January 05, 2008


Me and my cousin, Vanita, went to Underground Atlanta today so she could buy some really cute jeans. Well, on the way we stop at a jewelry store that was advertising grills for cheap and quick. While we are in there checking out the prices, a guy comes in the store talking very loudly about selling us some herb. Apparently since we both wear locs and I had on a camouflage jacket - we MUST be Rastas. The dealer said as much. He also assured us that that Asian owners smoked as well - so they didn't mind the sale. Vanita and I ignored him and he finally left, confused.

When we walked out the store a crackhead holds out two beautiful bracelet and necklace sets that will go great with the chains I wear. He is only charging $20 for each set. Although I usually refrain from buying hot items, this, I couldn't pass up. I am thinking $20? - what a great deal! But knowing that he was a crack head - I figured I could get him to lower the price. So I got both sets for $20! I was so hyped about the deal. I called my mom. She immediately informed me that it wasn't real. "But he put a lighter to it and tried to scrape it with a knife - it even SAYS 14-karat gold!", I insisted. Hoping my mother was wrong, I asked two jewelers about it. They told me that it wasn't real. It was plated.

I guess I will just wear them until they (or my neck) turn green. That's what I get for buying stolen goods from a crack-head.


Kadejah said...

lmao! way to go, gullable one.

Anonymous said...

I see it a little differently. If you strongly suspected they were stolen (crackheads steal stuff to sell), and you had a good idea that he was not going to use the money to supplement his 401K, do you really think you should have bought the items from him?

We won't even talk about the fact that you used his weakness and desperation (even if self-induced) to get the stuff for even less.

Your actions seem to miss the mark on so many levels.

By the way, you never called me back.


Jarrad said...

I'm going to these crack-heads to start using craigslist!