Friday, November 02, 2007

Blackout Friday

I think I get the stupidest [sic] emails. I got an email the other day urging me not to make any purchases today (November 2, 2007). Supposedly, this is going to "show our [black people's] economic power" citing the Jena 6 case and other recent racist incidents. Well, I think this idea is stupid. America KNOWS our economic power. They know that black people spend crap loads of money on material things; if you need proof, just look at the commercials.

Furthermore, who are you hurting by not spending money on ONE day (and will probably make it up the next)? No one! But let's pretend for the sake of arguing that we did not spend money and did not make it up the preceding or next day. How is this going to change racism? You may site the Rosa Parks incident which led to a boycott on the bus system. Well, this was effective because the racist entity had racist policies and was directly affected by the boycott. The bus system said: "Hey, we are losing money: let's change our policy." What do you think store owners going to say? "Hey, we are losing money, let's change what we think about black people"? I don't think so.

FURTHERMORE, the racist people perpetrating these racist acts don't even OWN stores - so won't even be affected by this. But MAYBE your argument is that we are going to affect the economy as a whole by not putting money in it. Assuming that there will be any significant change in the economy because of this act - won't we (black people) be affected the same as them. Is this not OUR economy as well?

But maybe I am missing something. Somebody please enlighten me!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, it didn't change racism at all. The only thing the bus boycott did was get rid of one of the indicators of racism. The heart is wicked. Not buying, riding on the bus, shopping at the store doesn't change it. Only Jesus Christ changes it. And sometimes it takes a really long time for the change to show itself.

Uncle Melvin