Monday, January 23, 2006

Optimism is highly overrated

Something about optimistic people drives me crazy - these ‘the glass is half full’ people make me want to yell. I know this is politically incorrect. Everyone is supposed to be all happy, happy, joy, joy. But me – see I am a realist. I may be considered slightly pessimistic – but I am on point more than these happy, happy people. They tell you the glass is half full. I would rather say that the glass is half-empty because I want to be prepared to still be thirsty after I drink it. That way I won’t be disappointed after it’s gone.

But do they care, that you are still thirsty? I would scream an emphatic, NO. Are they going to be there to hand you another glass? I am not even going to answer that. You see, put another way: these optimistic people are misleading – to you and to themselves. They are so concerned with painting a pretty picture; they paint over the details – the critical details.

Do you know what I hate the most? I hate when they try to use God as reason for their optimism. God does not promise me a half-full glass. When He gives me something – He expects me to be a good steward(ess). How can I properly manage things if I am not real with what they are?

So they next time someone hands you a glass that is filled half way – pour it on their face and tell them… (I don’t know - something optimistic).


Anonymous said...

The glass is half empty...but if you are a realist you'll realize that it is also half full. You are right, many optimists look for the good in all things and reject the bad. And like you say, they don't give you an adequate picture. Don't fall into their trap by doing the exactly the opposite. Don't neglect the realization that the proverbial half a glass can have quite an impact. Reality is made up with both views.

Christo-Ranter said...

Let's see. She gets engaged and suddenly she's a cynic!


Neeci said...

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Congratulations on your engagement!