Saturday, December 24, 2005


So I got my degree – barely. My last GPA was a 3.058 – it hasn’t been that low since first semester freshman year. But I am happy. I passed Chemistry (with a C), but I got an A in the class that is supposed to ‘prove’ you are an engineer. – Engineering Design. In this class we had to actually build something that we designed the semester before. We built. It worked. I’m happy.

I went Sky Diving. (Yes I am black). I jumped out of the sky at 14,000 feet with a tandem guy on my back and a videographer recording. It was crazy. I was really, really cold, I could not breathe b/c I was moving too fast, and contrary to what the pictures and video attest, I did NOT feeling like smiling. However, being slightly vain, I plastered a smile on my face until the camera guy was safely out of view. Consequently, I got a great DVD and pictures that impress my friends and family.

The new guy (let’s call him E) and I are doing terrifically. So terrific in fact, certain family members insinuate marriage constantly. This unnerves me more than a little. Ok, a lot. I am enormously afraid to become one of those girls whose main goal in life is to get married. How tragic it would be if that were my goal and I never marry! It makes me cringe when women make ‘getting a man’ a goal. I know that it is natural to want a mate, but (in my opinion) your GOAL in life should be something you have direct control over (i.e. education, career). If you are happy single you will be more attractive to the opposite sex and even if you aren’t, you are still happy. It is a win-win situation.

Besides, E and I have only been dating for two and a half months. We’ve been official, two months. Yeah there wasn’t much of a break between VP and E. But it just happened that way. I promise there was no shady stuff. I called him during the break up (I sent VP a text message for him to come get his stuff and called E afterward – VP got his stuff and I called E back). We talked for 3 hours that night and the whole next week. We went on our first date the next weekend and it’s been GREAT ever since. My brother claims it’s the honeymoon stage. So I will let you (and my brother) know how everything is at the end of December.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Ayana and it's a really good thing that you dumped VP because the true monster came out of him.I could just look at him and tell that he is a monster waiting come out. Meanwhile keep a close eye on the new guy.Dont just piss him off on purpose but stand firm sometimes where you would normally bend and watch the brother. peace out